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5 Steps Of The Minimalist To Claim Sanctuary

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The past two weeks I was busy warding off Covid-19 from making insidious inroads into my biology. Fortunately, I am slowly getting back on my feet.

What I have experienced during the past few days and what millions are going through in our country right now gives me a new sense of perspective.

It makes sense to stop being busy and focus on essential things, instead. My recent experiences and thought process over the past few days have cemented my predisposition towards minimalism as a better way of life.

The path of the minimalist beckons me even though it may be a less trodden path.

There is good chance, the journey I have started, of Becoming a Minimalist may resonate with you, the reader.

And, it is very likely that you will find common threads between your experiences and mine. You would agree:
That doing more will not always achieve more.
And having more does not mean that we are happier.
Most often, our having more is at the expense of relationships.

The Minimalist
The Minimalist

The Minimalist’s way aims at achieving more with less. The purpose of this article is to suggest ways to reach there.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not in any mood to renounce my desires and give up on life.

On the other hand, I want to achieve a lot with the time I am left with. Here are some thoughts I have deepened and cemented within myself about what is really important in life and business.

My discoveries around what is minimalism lifestyle.

The path to pursuing all that I want in my personal and business life is by embracing a life of intention where I deliberately choose the events, things and people I want to surround myself with.

A train of thoughts flood my consciousness about where I need to shift gears to travel on the less trodden path of the minimalist. Here are some of them.

  1. There is a lot I can accomplish if I delegate so that I can focus on more important things. After all, for more than a fortnight my absence was hardly felt in the office. Work continued to happen.
  2. Control my urge to multi-task because this hardly achieves anything of substance.
  3. Declutter my home and office, to operate in orderly, serene environments.
  4. Be more aware so that I am able to shed the many extra thoughts that brings more confusion than clarity.
  5. Provide our customers with a few high impact quality services instead of being everything to everyone.
  6. Instead of allowing myself to be overwhelmed by all the digital noise around me, use its reach to broadcast to the world the excellent things my company has to offer.
  7. Decluttering and moving towards minimalism cannot be compartmentalized. For example, when I focus on food minimalism, it has a way of impacting the ease with which I am able to run and feel about myself.

There are so many ideas I can borrow from Timothy Ferris’s The 4-Hour Work Week to accomplish a lot by being less busy and more strategic about the use of my time.

How Service Square’s 5-step-process can help people to move towards minimalism.

Becoming Minimalist

At Service Square, we have designed a step-by-step process to declutter homes. This is a time-consuming process, but it is well worth the time invested because of the impressive results that are sure to follow.

These steps are guaranteed to get a clean, soulful, orderly home. It is designed as a much needed solution for our customers to reclaim their home as their sanctuary where they can relax and be as productive as they want to be.

At the heart of each of these steps are principles rigorously embraced by The Minimalists all over the world.

At the start of the process is Decluttering. Here is why we need to tackle clutter first.

What is minimalism lifestyle?

Clutter eats into us like cancer. It is a huge distraction.

There are clutters of many kinds. One feeds on the other.

There is the constant clutter from the TV. There is digital clutter too.

Then, there is clutter with all types of things occupying  scarce spaces at home.

Clutter is a huge distraction and keep us from doing the most important things.

Besides, clutter is a huge source of stress! Especially for women.

We don’t realize it, but clutter costs us a lot of money. After all, don’t we all go on shopping sprees for hours, buying so many things, many of which end up in shelves, gathering dust!

And then work extra hours trying to make the money that we have just frittered away?

You can save at least 15 hours every month and save a lot of money by opting for a decluttered, minimalist home.

Minimalism strategies to declutter and create a soulful home

  • That is why, at Service Square we have introduced Decluttering and Minimalism as a service. To be candid, this is not a very popular service yet, but I believe that this service has the potential to be a timely solution for a lot of our customers’ problems.

I am convinced that after decluttering, your home stays clean longer. In fact, Marie Kondo, the Japanese icon who popularised decluttering and minimalism insists that we won’t have to clean a properly decluttered home – ever again!

My blog post – Is Cleaning Before Decluttering, Like Putting The Horse Before The Cart? – throws further light on this issue.

The secret to decluttering is: discard the things that do not spark joy. And keep the items you love and which you are sure to use.

  • Optimizing Space in your home

We are all creatures of habits. That is why we assume that the furniture arrangement which has been the same for more than two decades is really the ideal arrangement.

If our customers allow us, we like to challenge some of those assumptions. Our Interior designer will probably need to inspect the customers’ homes to take a hard look and suggest alternatives. Very often with this intervention, customers’ homes begin to look a lot more spacious and elegant.

Minimalist Interior designs without having to splurge a lot of money is a solution a lot of customers may be on the look-out for. I am certain that there are thousands of customers who have doubts about the right colours of curtains to match the existing furniture and sofa sets. Some don’t realize how beautifully a home can be embellished by a few lights thrown here and there.

Minimalist Interior

Most often, creative ideas alone are more than enough to make homes look minimalist, uncluttered and extremely elegant.

The range of services managed by Service Square’s new vertical Interiors Square includes providing minimalist wardrobes, minimalist modular kitchens etc.

This is the stage when customers can also opt to go for painting their homes. Our designer will invest time with customers to understand their personalities so as to suggest the ideal color palette.

  • The next step involved in home transformation is organizing or arranging the hundreds of small and big items in the house into attractive containers with quaint labels to identify what goes where.

The principle we follow here is, every item you cherish and own should find a home to nestle in. Once we are done with this work, your home would look absolutely well organized and orderly.

  • Deep Cleaning services are what Service Square has a big reputation for. There are more than 500 glowing Google reviews about the deep cleaning services provided by Service Square.

Once the cleaning is done, there is a new glow, minimalist look and elegance about the home.

The Minimalist focuses on inner state than about peripheral changes.

I am positive that the solutions that I have outlined can bring about a huge difference in the way you  view your homes.

With minimum expenditure, your home can turn out to be the sanctuary you have always wanted it to be.

Imagine living in a home which inspires you to go out into the world in a state of quiet anticipation and produce extraordinary results!

Don’t you think it is worth the time and the efforts, so as to live in an elegant space where it is easier for people in the home to bond with one another with care and warmth?

Becoming The Minimalist of my dreams, I know in my guts, is more about my inner state than about working out strategies.

In a state of being a minimalist at my innermost level, there will soon be manifestation of the results in my world outside.

So, becoming minimalist involves striving to be The Minimalist, mindfully, soulfully, in the inner world.

This is a journey that my customers and readers of this post would benefit from – more than any external changes in their outer home environment.

When you do that, I am sure you will realize why minimalism is a better way of life.

Minimalism is a lifestyle change more than anything else.

The minimalist consumer not only lives with less, but with the best.

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